Balihe fishing ground, Yingshang County, Anhui Province
Fishing grounds with organic food certification
Balihe fishing ground is located 8 kilometers south of Yingshang city, close to national 5A-class Balihe tourist area and provincial nature reserve, with rich fish, fragrant rice, and ecological Balihe river. It has beautiful environment and excellent water quality, and is an important commercial fish, fish species, fish fry production and fishery tourism base in northwest Anhui province. The fishery has 96 employees (including 7 technicians and 6 managers), with 27,000 mu of lake surface and 8,500 mu of continuous intensive fish ponds. From 2015 to 2018, the output of aquatic products exceeded 6,000 tons for four consecutive years. In 2018, the total industrial economic output exceeded 150 million yuan, of which the fishery output value was about 78 million yuan, driving the ticket income of tourism industry was about 45 million yuan, and the operating income of other industries such as fishing, leisure fishing and tourism commodities was more than 30 million yuan.
  • 1982 year
    The company was established in September 1982
  • 27000 Mu
    It has a lake area of about 27000 mu
  • 8000 Mu
    The continuous intensive fish pond is about 8000 mu
  • 6000 ton
    The total output has exceeded 6000 tons for many consecutive years
  • 1.5 Hundred million
    The total output of fishery economy reached more than 150 million yuan

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