Balihe, Yingshang County held a meeting to promote poverty alleviation

Release date:2018-01-14 Number of views:271

  On the afternoon of January 14, balihe quickly held a poverty alleviation promotion meeting, which immediately conveyed and studied the spirit of the 79th poverty alleviation promotion meeting of the whole county, interpreted the relevant latest policy requirements in detail, deeply analyzed the current situation faced by the poverty alleviation work of the whole town, and re mobilized the next poverty alleviation and inspection work according to the requirements of clear responsibilities, clear division of labor and clear personnel We have made further deployment and promotion, fully compacted the work responsibilities, and ensured the implementation of various inspection work for poverty alleviation.

  Zhang Bin, deputy county head of Yingshang County Government and Secretary of balihe town Party committee, attended and presided over the meeting. Members of the town's party and government team, heads of all units directly under the town and all staff in charge, main heads of tourist areas and fishing grounds, members of the village (community) committees, poverty alleviation and family planning professionals, principals of primary and secondary schools and members of poverty alleviation teams stationed in villages attended the meeting.

  the meeting pointed out that the national third-party assessment is very important for the poverty alleviation work of our town in 2017. The whole town should deeply implement the decision-making and deployment of higher authorities for poverty alleviation and inspection, further strengthen the sense of mission, responsibility and urgency, take the national third-party assessment and evaluation standard as the work guide, take problem guidance as the work orientation, and keep a clear mind Cadres should go down, the foundation should come up, the measures should be in place and the results should be obvious. We should solidly promote the work of poverty alleviation and inspection, and resolutely win the decisive battle of poverty alleviation. The town poverty Alleviation Office shall coordinate all villages (communities) and relevant units directly under the town to further improve data, refine assistance measures, seek truth from facts, accurately provide relevant data, actively cooperate with relevant work, and ensure the smooth progress of assessment and evaluation. All village based poverty alleviation teams should further go deep into the homes of poor households, further verify various poverty alleviation accounts, implement poverty alleviation plans one by one, and ensure that they reach the point, the root and the hearts of the people.

  the meeting stressed that 2018 is the year when balihe town takes the lead in realizing a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also a year of sprint and decisive victory to get rid of poverty. In the poverty alleviation work, the majority of Party members and cadres in the town should firmly grasp the main line of influencing the poor people to get rid of poverty through industry, entrepreneurship and employment, focus on "one household, one industry, one village and one product", study the way of increasing the income of poor households and starting businesses to get rid of poverty, based on the location and environmental advantages of balihe national 5A tourist area, do a good job in the tourism industry chain, eat Plan and think more about housing, transportation and entertainment, and actively guide the masses to determine their own ways and measures to extricate themselves from difficulties. At the same time, we will strive to explore the development mode of "company + cooperative (base) + poor households", constantly expand the industrial scale, extend the product supply chain, improve the anti risk ability, ensure the completion of various established objectives and tasks, and resolutely win the first battle of poverty alleviation in our town!