A mobilization meeting was held in balihe Town, Yingshang County

Release date:2021-10-12 Number of views:268

  On September 27, balihe Town, Yingshang County held a mobilization meeting for the activity of "strict rules, correct work style and promote development". All cadres and workers of the town, Party (general) branch secretaries of villages and communities and Party branch secretaries of units directly under the town attended the meeting. At the meeting, the list of the leading group of "strict rules, correct work style and promote development" in balihe town was read out, the plan for "strict rules, correct work style and promote development" in balihe town was interpreted, and the activities were comprehensively planned and deployed.

  We should stick to the blade inward, comprehensively investigate and analyze what deficiencies still exist in the rules and systems, what persistent diseases still exist in the style of discipline and what shortcomings still exist in promoting development; We should closely focus on the work objectives, based on the new positioning, promote discipline and law-abiding to become a habit, rules and regulations to become self-conscious, have a strong atmosphere of fine style, and achieve all-round development, further stimulate the spirit of entrepreneurship of Party members, cadres and officers in the town, and lay a solid foundation for building the great beautiful balihe and realizing rural revitalization.