Summary of achievements in the establishment of civilized villages and towns in balihe town

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  In the face of complex macro situation, fierce regional competition and heavy development tasks, balihe town has always maintained its determination, forged ahead, worked hard to create a better living environment, create a better economic atmosphere, create a better cultural landscape, and worked hard on the road of achieving Wenming town in China.

  During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the financial revenue of the whole town increased from 5.54 million yuan to 19.03 million yuan, an increase of about 2.5 times. In 2016, the financial revenue reached 27.1745 million yuan, a record high. In 2011, the per capita net income of farmers in the town was 5110 yuan, and in 2016, it exceeded 10000 yuan, doubling. In 2011, balihe tourist area received 2.9 million tourists and realized a tourism income of 66.32 million yuan. In 2016, it received nearly 3.7 million tourists, an increase of 27%, and realized a tourism income of 95.74 million yuan, an increase of 44%. The housing conditions of the people in the town have been greatly improved, the public service systems such as education, health, culture and sports have been improved, and the social security levels such as employment, pension and medical care have been continuously improved.

  the consensus of the whole town on promoting tourism development has been further condensed, the ideas have become clearer, and the tourism infrastructure and supporting services have been improved day by day. Multifunctional tourist service center, large ecological parking lot, star tourist public toilet, digital scenic spot construction, electronic monitoring and voice control system have been completed and put into use. The transformation and upgrading of niaoyulin, East and west districts and tourist centers have been successfully completed, and the handover of scenic spots in the Ming and Qing dynasties garden has been successfully completed. On May 16, 2016, Li Xiusong, vice chairman of the provincial people's Political Consultative Conference, led the research group of the provincial people's Political Consultative Conference to our town to conduct a special investigation to speed up the development of tourism industry in the Huaihe River Basin. He believed that the tourism development of balihe "dare to be the first, do not rely on inequality, and have the courage to innovate", which has a strong demonstration significance in the development of tourism industry in the Huaihe River Basin. Balihe scenic spot was rated as "national 5A scenic spot" by the National Tourism Administration in 2013 and as a National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot by the Ministry of water resources in 2014. In recent years, the scenic spot has successively won more than ten awards, such as "advanced collective of the national tourism system", "the most beautiful destination in Anhui in the hearts of global netizens" and "10 places in Anhui province that are most worth visiting by foreigners", and has been successfully selected into the "2016 most beautiful China list". The tourist area was elected as the chairman unit of the scenic spot branch of Anhui Tourism Association for the first time.

  especially in the special improvement of the service quality of scenic spots in the province in 2016, under the strong leadership of the county Party committee and government, the service quality of the tourist area has improved unprecedentedly, and the "toilet revolution" has been praised by the official and micro "Red List" of the National Tourism administration.

  first, land circulation has been strengthened. There are 375 new agricultural business entities in the town, with 70 newly added in 2016, including 32 agricultural professional cooperatives, 27 large grain growers and 11 family farms; 27750 mu of land was transferred in the town, with a transfer rate of 73%.

  Second, the degree of structural adjustment has been continuously deepened. In 2016, 6500 Mu was newly planted, including fruit forest, watermelon,, lotus root, oil peony, etc. With an investment of 20 million yuan and an area of 2000 mu, the panchong community precision poverty alleviation breeding demonstration Industrial Park project has been completed and put into operation. 1000 mu of pond lotus root in Hanying village has achieved a good harvest. In 2017, 2000 mu of new pond lotus root is being gradually implemented. A 1000 mu oil peony planting base invested by Taiwanese businessmen has settled in Youhu village. At present, 800 mu of oil peony has been planted. The "Rex Rabbit breeding base" with an investment of 600000 yuan has been officially operated in Zhugang village. At present, 3500 breeding rabbits have been purchased and the first generation of breeding has been successfully completed. It is expected to increase the collective economic income of the village by 600000 yuan a year and drive 300 poor households around to develop rabbit breeding and get rid of poverty.

  Third, the comprehensive management of fishing grounds has been continuously strengthened. In the past two years, the town Party committee and government have comprehensively strengthened the management of fishing grounds, severely cracked down on illegal acts such as stealing fish and fishing, achieved remarkable results, and achieved a bumper harvest. In 2015, the output exceeded 2 million kg, the highest level in history; Balihe fishery was rated as the "national leisure fishery demonstration base". At the same time, six varieties of silver carp, bighead carp, carp, crucian carp, bream and culter successfully passed the organic food certification of the Ministry of agriculture. It is estimated that the large catch output this year will still reach 2 million kg.

  Fourth, other work has been continuously promoted. The land ownership of the whole town has been fully completed, the third national agricultural census is advancing in an orderly manner, and preliminary results have been achieved. The work of banning burning and comprehensive utilization of straw has been normalized, and the work of banning burning was successfully closed in the autumn of 2016. The 10000 mu high-yield wheat demonstration area and the rice improvement action demonstration area project have shown initial benefits. The unit yield and total yield of wheat have reached a record high, realizing a unit yield of 589 kg / mu of wheat and 720 kg / mu of rice.

  we insist on being a special market town and a beautiful village, and accelerate the coordinated development of new urbanization and new rural construction. First, we should always put the comprehensive improvement of rural environmental sanitation in the most important position. According to the standard of "six NOEs, six modernizations and three norms", taking the "three lines and three sides" governance as the starting point, focusing on the central market town and taking the construction of "beautiful countryside" as the breakthrough, a long-term mechanism of town responsibility, village focus, group in place and household implementation has been formed, and a rural environmental health improvement pattern with the participation of the whole people and overall linkage has been established.

  second, we should always incorporate the comprehensive improvement of rural environmental sanitation into the monthly assessment. Extensive comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation has been carried out, which has significantly improved the rural environmental sanitation of the whole town. Over the past five years, the town government has invested nearly 10 million yuan, which has effectively guaranteed the smooth progress of rural environmental health improvement, established and improved a series of long-term mechanisms for comprehensive improvement of rural environmental health, and the improvement work has entered a normalized and institutionalized track. On behalf of the whole county, our town has successfully passed the inspection and acceptance of provincial and municipal comprehensive improvement of environmental health, ranking in the forefront of rural counties and districts in the city.

  third, adhere to the improvement of the comprehensive living environment of urban and rural residents as a key livelihood project, and make unremitting efforts to live permanently. The infrastructure of each village (neighborhood) has been continuously improved, the transportation and logistics are more convenient, and the guarantee of water and electricity is more guaranteed. Panchong community has been approved as a national pilot village of "beautiful village" central village, and Renli, Madian and fishermen have been successively approved as provincial "beautiful village" demonstration villages. Especially in the Spring Festival of 2016, the town Party committee and government further promoted the road lighting project with a series of activities of "take you home". In the balihe river at night, the street lights lit up, and the bright moonlight set off the colorful Zhenfeng Pavilion, the seven storey tower, the first door in the world, the sparkling lake and the glittering landscape Avenue, Let people linger and forget to return... We adhere to the same belief and strength in ensuring people's livelihood, always focus on people's livelihood as the starting point and foothold of all work, strive to benefit people's livelihood and solve people's worries, further implement the long-term mechanism of doing practical things for the people, continue to strengthen the construction in the field of people's livelihood, and strive to improve people's livelihood and promote harmony in economic and social development. Infrastructure construction has been continuously improved. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, provincial highway S224, balihe East Avenue, West Avenue, Shunhe South Road, Zhaonan road and pankang road were successfully completed and opened to traffic, and 85.6km of rural roads were reconstructed and expanded, which greatly improved the traffic conditions. Water conservancy facilities in each village have been continuously improved. A total of 15 new (reconstructed) drainage and irrigation stations have been built by using the 5588 project, with a total installed capacity of 500 kW. The construction of Hanying water plant has been basically completed and the water supply conditions have been met. Remarkable results have been achieved in work safety. On October 13, 2016, Comrade Ji Bingxuan, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, led the inspection team of the work safety law of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to visit panchong community and tourist area of our town to carry out inspection and investigation on the implementation of the work safety law, and fully affirmed the achievements made by our town in work safety supervision. On October 26, the fourth inspection team of the safety committee of the State Council visited the town to inspect the safety production work and spoke highly of the achievements made by the town in actively carrying out system innovation in key rectification and promoting grid management. Our town attaches great importance to the work of safety production. Over the years, it has been awarded the honorary title of advanced unit of safety production at the provincial, municipal and county levels. It has practically achieved that the alarm bell is ringing and safety production is always on the road. There has been no major accident of safety production for many years. Comprehensive management of letters and visits to a higher level. The town's comprehensive stability maintenance petition work center successfully passed the provincial acceptance, and the on-site platform construction meeting of the city's comprehensive stability maintenance petition work center was held in our town; Anti drug work won the title of advanced unit of the whole county; Chen Ying, chairman of the town people's Congress and director of the town comprehensive management office, as the only township grass-roots political and legal cadre in the province, was invited to attend the report meeting on the advanced deeds of the province's political and legal system in practicing the "three stricts and three practices"; Comprehensive management work has been in the forefront of evaluation and comparison at provincial, municipal and county levels for many years. Nearly 60000 yuan has been allocated from the town's financial fund to purchase public security insurance for 11622 villagers in the town. At present, 6 households have benefited from it. The work of building civilization has yielded fruitful results. Balihe successfully passed the review and confirmation of the Central Civilization Commission in 2015 and was rated as a national civilized town for four consecutive sessions; Fishermen's community was rated as the fourth civilized community in Anhui Province and the health village in Fuyang City; Zhou Jialing of Hanying village won the May Day Labor Medal of Shanghai, and was rated as the national labor model, "Anhui good man" and the third moral model of Yingshang County; Cheng Yongkang, President of balihe central school, was rated as the most beautiful rural teacher in Fuyang; The town Party committee organized the first selection of "balihe good people, good mother-in-law, good daughter-in-law, ten-star civilized households and civilized business households". Other social undertakings have made comprehensive progress. Family planning work was carried out in a down-to-earth manner, ranking at the forefront of cities and counties. Funeral management was vigorously promoted, and the cremation rate of the whole town reached 86%, ranking first in the county. In 2015, the financing of NCMS ranked second in the county, and 105.51% of the tasks completed in 2016, ranking first in the county. With the rapid development of e-commerce, the town has successively opened 10 rural Taobao village level service stations, 5 Feiniu partnership human body examination halls and 9 "mail Tesco" Village stations to realize the full coverage of e-commerce in the town. The education of the whole town ranks first in the whole county, and the results of the middle school entrance examination have been among the best in the whole county for many years, playing a leading role in the central schools of villages and towns.

  we have carried out in-depth educational and practical activities on the themes of the mass line, "three stricts and three realities", "two studies and one action" and "focusing on keeping pace and seeing action", closely focusing on the requirements of building a service government, a responsible government, a government ruled by law and a clean government, focusing on the implementation of the "three systems", taking running a service center for the convenience of the people as the carrier and changing the style of government organs as the guarantee, Promote mechanism innovation, strengthen hardware construction, earnestly perform "one post and two responsibilities", pay close attention to the openness of government affairs, and ensure the people's right to know and supervision, so that the construction of administrative efficiency of organs in our town has achieved remarkable results. We have fully integrated civil affairs, family planning, land, agriculture, finance, labor security and other units, built a unified administrative examination and approval and social security service platform, based on the convenience of the masses, implemented "one-stop" service, improved the system, and built the convenience service center into an important window to serve the masses.