Supervision and inspection of organic fish products by the Ministry of Agriculture

Release date:2016-06-09 Number of views:271

  On the morning of June 7, Diao Tao of China Green Food Development Center of the Ministry of agriculture, the Certification Department of China Green Huaxia organic food certification center, Li Shiguo of Anhui green food office, and Yu Bin of the quality inspection department of Fuyang Agricultural Commission conducted supervision and inspection on balihe fishery after organic product certification. Accompanied by Du Li, deputy director of the County Agricultural Committee, and comrades in charge of quality and safety production of the ecological and environmental protection unit and the aquatic products bureau.

  according to the inspection procedures, the inspection team introduced the main contents of the inspection, the inspection process, held the first and last meetings, checked the production records, production technical regulations, production management specifications of the fishing ground, the construction of the whole process traceability system of products, and inspected the water surface environment and surrounding ecological environment of the fishing ground of balihe Listened to the report of the person in charge of balihe fishery on the quality control of the fishery and the introduction of the person in charge of balihe town government on the next market promotion of the fishery.

  the inspection team gave high recognition and excellent evaluation to the ecological environment of organic fish in balihe fishing ground through process links such as listening to reports, reading materials and checking the site, fully affirmed the quality and safety supervision of agricultural products in our county, and put forward good suggestions on the market promotion of balihe organic fish brand, It is required that balihe town government and fishery should make good use of the unique geographical advantage of class 5A scenic spot resources, create the brand of balihe organic fish, expand popularity, extend the industrial chain and increase economic benefits.