Balihe bighead carp

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  Bighead fish, also called silver carp, yellow silver carp, fish, bighead fish, baotou fish, bighead fish, black silver carp, hemp silver carp, also called male fish.

  Body length 89 -- 425 mm. The body length was 3.1-3.5 times the body height and 2.8 to 3.4 times the head length. The body is slightly high and laterally flat, ventral margin from the base of the pelvic fin to the anus between the narrow skin edge. The head is large, longer than the height of the body, and quite broad at the front. The head length was 3 -- 4.2 times the snout length, and the eye diameter was 5.8 -- 7.4 times. Mouth tip, wide round, mouth cleft sloping, end to reach below anterior margin. The eyes are small and located below the medial cephalic axis. Gill rakers are numerous, lamellar, closely arranged, but not united. Pharyngeal teeth are arytenoid, smooth tooth surface. Scales small. The dorsal fin is short, the starting point is closer to the caudal base, without hard spines. Caudal fin deeply forked. Maw two rooms. Peritoneum black. The back and upper part of the body is slightly black, the abdomen is silvery white, there are many irregular black spots on the body measurement, and each fin is grayish white with small black spots.

  Docile and slow. They feed mainly on zooplankton, but also on small amounts of phytoplankton. General 4 winter age above just reach sexual maturity. The spawning period is from April to July. Floating eggs are produced in running water. It grows faster. The largest weighs 70 to 80 kilograms. Natural yields are also large.

  Bighead carp live in freshwater lakes, rivers, reservoirs and ponds. Mostly distributed in the upper and middle layers of water. All the main river systems in the eastern plain of China are produced.