The 4th balihe winter fishing Cultural Tourism Festival opens

Release date:2022-01-08 Number of views:416

  On January 8, 2022, the fourth balihe winter fishing cultural tourism festival was grandly opened at the winter fishing wharf of balihe fishing ground on the sixth day of the twelfth lunar month.

  Chen Shu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and mayor of balihe Town, Chang Ming, deputy secretary, Li Wensu, deputy secretary, bu Gang, chief staff member, Xie Jingde, member of the Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Zhu Jingming, member of the Party committee and publicity Commission, Zhang Ming, member of the Party committee, Jiang Yunru, member of the Party committee, Liu Qifen, vice chairman of the National People's Congress, Gao Zebao, vice mayor, Wang Pengfei, vice mayor, Zhu Qi, Secretary of the Party branch of balihe fishing ground Field manager Tian Yan, merchants and people from all over the country participated in this activity.

  Chen Shu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and mayor of balihe Town, delivered an opening speech on behalf of the balihe town government.

  Balihe is adjacent to Yinghe River in the East and huaishui River in the south. Its good natural environment has been awarded the "top 500 global environmental protection" by the United Nations. The tourist area is a national "agricultural tourism demonstration site" and listed as a provincial nature reserve by Anhui Province. Balihe winter fishing has a history of more than 100 years. It has always followed the principle of catching large and releasing small, so that the fish in balihe continue to multiply and live, embarking on the ecological road of sustainable development. After years of development, it has walked out of the road of economic development with balihe characteristics, and also made fruitful achievements in the aquaculture industry of balihe. The water quality of balihe River remains class II all the year round. The organic fish produced by the Great Lakes are fed with the natural bait of the great lakes without feeding in the whole process. They are caught and listed only after they have grown naturally in the lake for three years and reached 5 catties. Therefore, the organic fish in balihe is natural, tight and tender, tastes fresh and smooth, and has excellent flavor. It has passed the certification of zhonglvhuaxia organic food of the Ministry of agriculture for many years, and has been highly recognized and praised by the market.before that, balihe town has held three consecutive winter fishing cultural tourism festivals, which has achieved good social and economic benefits. The purpose of holding the winter fishing culture tourism festival is to deeply dig the connotation and details of winter fishing culture, publicize the specialties of balihe, show the characteristics of balihe, and create the brand of balihe. We hope to hold the winter fishing culture tourism festival to publicize the winter fishing culture of balihe, develop the winter characteristic cultural tourism resources of balihe, expand and strengthen the name card of balihe tourism, attract more tourists and promote the development of tourism.

  Chang Ming, deputy secretary of the balihe Party committee, announced the opening of the fourth balihe winter fishing Cultural Tourism Festival. The scene was bustling with gongs and drums.

         Then the reporter interviewed Tian Yan, Secretary of the Party branch and head of balihe fishery      

  Tian Yan, Secretary of the Party branch and head of balihe fishing ground, said that balihe winter fishing is different from fishing in other places. It adopts the way of "inviting the king into the Urn". Fishermen drive small boats one month in advance to expel fish from east to west. Gradually, it will gather more than 20000 mu of fish on the water surface to more than 100 mu of fenced area near the wharf. The purse seine is big in front and small in back. It is shaped like a treasure bottle. It gradually closes up. Finally, it is close to the shore. The bottleneck is only more than one meter wide. When starting fishing, just open the "bottle mouth" and put the fish in like water, and then the fishermen roll up their sleeves in this shallow water area to catch it.

  starting today, more than 100000 kg of fresh fish are caught in balihe fishing ground every day, mainly involving many varieties of organic fish such as bighead, silver carp, crucian carp and carp. The total output is expected to exceed 2 million kg. It is sold to Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other parts of the country until the lunar new year.

  in the next step, balihe will continue to dig deep into the details of the winter fishing Cultural Tourism Festival, organically combine it with the development of rural tourism, global tourism and cultural tourism, make every effort to build a characteristic town of balihe fishing Township, and expand and strengthen the balihe winter fishing Cultural Festival.