Release of "head fish" in Yingshang balihe fishing ground

Release date:2021-02-05 Number of views:262

  "Let go!" Accompanied by loud and clear slogans, more than 170 kilograms of herring jumped into the lake and regained life. This is the first release of "head fish" in balihe fishery of Yingshang County in recent years to convey the concept of protecting ecology and giving back to nature.

  on the sixth day of December this year, the balihe fishing ground in Yingshang County opened a net for winter fishing. Balihe winter fishing Cultural Tourism Festival has been held for three consecutive times. Due to the epidemic situation, there is no winter fishing festival this year, and there is no selection of fish king. This 170 kg big herring is the heaviest fish caught in balihe fishery in recent years, which brings people unexpected surprises.

  "This year's' head fish 'is fat and needs more than 20 years to grow naturally. Looking at the whole country, wild fish like this are very rare. It is ecological protection and respect to let it return to nature." Tian Yan, head of balihe fishing ground, said that there are many big fish caught this year, such as bighead carp of more than 50 kg and silver carp of 39 kg. It is also a well-known fish species in balihe fishing ground.

  As of February 4, 3 million kilograms of fish had been caught in balihe fishing ground. The fish caught every day are transported as soon as they come out of the water to ensure the freshness of the fish. These fish are exported to Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places.

  As the first fishing ground with organic food certification in Northern Anhui, balihe fishing ground attaches great importance to protecting the ecosystem, and the local town government has closed the lake for many times. "We will release fish below 5 kg to maintain natural balance." Tian Yan told reporters that the local winter fishing still adopts the most traditional fishing method, knocking on the boat to drive the fish, so as to ensure that the fish will not be hurt.