The scene was shocking! Yingshang balihe winter capture!

Release date:2021-01-24 Number of views:214

  The Spring Festival is approaching

  Annual winter fishing in balihe

  open the Internet on the sixth day of the twelfth lunar month? let's take a look at the spectacular scene? WOW!

  all kinds of fat fish

   make fishermen happy

  Bighead carp is also called silver carp

  also called bighead fish, it is balihe fishing ground? famous fish species

  the fresh fish caught every day these days have just come out of the water?????????????????

  fresh fish

  sold all over the world

  As a fishing ground with organic food certification in Northern Anhui, balihe fishing ground has 27000 mu of water surface of the great lake and 8000 mu of intensive fish ponds. Since 2015, the total output of aquatic products has exceeded 6000 tons for many consecutive years. In 2020, the total fishery economic output reached more than 150 million yuan, including 80 million yuan of fishery output value, which has successfully passed the organic certification for five consecutive years, It has always played an exemplary and leading role in cultivating excellent aquatic products. The fishing ground produces a large number of excellent silver carp, crucian carp, carp, turtle and so on. It has a wide variety and excellent quality, so it has always been loved by consumers. If citizens want to eat fresh balihe fish, they can buy it at the designated distribution point of balihe Town fishing ground.

  this is full of the joy of harvest!

  I feel it across the screen!