Bali River grass carp

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  Grass carp, also known as grass carp, oil grass carp, grass carp, white grass carp, grass carp, grass root (northeast), mixed son, black herring, etc.

  The body is long and "delicate", the body color is bluish yellow, the abdomen shows white slightly. The scales are large and coarse. Its dorsal, pectoral, pelvic and caudal fins are smaller and shorter than those of the herring.

  Inhabiting rivers and lakes in plain areas, generally like to live in the middle and lower layers of water and coastal areas with aquatic grasses. Active sex, fast swimming, often groups of foraging. For the typical herbivorous fish.

  Grass carp larvae, algae, grass carp also eat some meat, such as earthworms, dragonflies and so on. The adult diet is higher aquatic plants and some land grasses, among which, the higher aquatic plants like to eat the grass, the black alga rotunda, the small alga, the eye, the floating alga, the turnix.

  Wintering in the deep water of the main stream or lake. Because of its rapid growth and wide feed sources, it is one of the four freshwater aquaculture fish in China.