Balihe silver carp

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  Silver carp, also called silver carp, parabramis, silver carp, silver carp, silver carp, silver carp, silver carp, belonging to the order cyprinidae, is one of the four famous fish.

  The body is flat and slightly tall, fusiform, with bluish gray back and white sides and abdomen. The pectoral fin does not extend beyond the base of the pelvic fin.

  The fins are gray. The head is bigger. Eyes are low. The scales are fine. The median keratin of the abdomen extends from below the pectoral fin to the anus. Shape and aristichthys nobilis similar, silver carp impatient, good jumping.

  Silver carp is one of the best fish species suitable for breeding. It is one of the main freshwater aquaculture fish in China.

  Distributed in the country's major water systems. Silver carp is artificially raised large freshwater fish, with fast growth, less disease, high yield, mostly mixed with grass carp and carp. Silver carp have thin and small scales.