Notice of Correction

Release date:2022-12-05 Number of views:133

Our company plans to hold the auction of sales rights of over 4 catties of yellow tarpon and over 5 catties of white tarpon in Balihe Fishery of Yingshang County at 10:00 on December 12, 2022 in the conference room of Jinbolan International Hotel, Yingshang County, Anhui Province. Due to the epidemic, the auction place will be used as a quarantine hotel. Now the auction place will be changed to the meeting room of the Neighborhood Committee of Panchong Community, Balihe Town, Yingshang County. Other contents of the original announcement remain unchanged.

Consulting telephone: entrusting party Mr. Wang 13805619226 Mr. Tian 13905687566

Ms. Wu of the auction company 18055890026

Bali River fishery, Yingshang County, Anhui Province

December 05, 2022